Frank Piercy Photography

About Me....

1 My name is Frank and I am addicted to Photography. Fortunately I have been able to combine that with my love of music, concerts, nature and writing.

Concert Photography

2 I have been blessed to be able to photograph some fantastic concerts. Alice Cooper, Lacuna Coil, Rob Zombie, Blue Oyster Cult, Slayer and so many more

Nature Photography

3There always has been something about being outside that relaxes me. No matter the time of the year. Fozen waterfalls to the flowers of spring, nothing is safe from my camera.

Portrait Photography

4Portrait Photography is so much different these days. When I first started them, it was done indoors in a studio. Now they are done EVERYWHERE! Is it really Portrait Photography when your capturing the image of a Human in the wild??

Northeast Rock Review

I am a contributing Photographer and Writer for this website. If your in New England this is the best resource for seeing who is coming around!

Chelsea Hutchison Foundation

The Chelsea Hutchison Foundation exists to raise awareness of SUDEP and use it to grant comfort, hope and positivity to individuals and families living with epilepsy. As many know, Epilepsy and and Sudden Unexplained death in Epilepsy (SUDEP) has greatly impacted my family. Theyhelped us get Seizure Response Dogs for my wife and youngest son. If your looking for a cause to support I highly recommend this one!


I have been using Olympus cameras for at least 8 years now and I have been very happy with how they work. Quality is great and when I have had to deal with them, they were fantastic and stood behind their product! If your looking for a new camera I highly recommend them! Especially the OMD EM-1 lol